Spring Semester, 2010

Spring semester is racing toward me like an angry bull (but am I muerte, banderilla or matador?)

Here’s the menu, descriptions are pasted directly from the course information:

Urban Anthropology (online)

Course explores emergence of urban anthropology, its methods and techniques, and the use of archaeological, historical, and contemporary studies to understand the roles and functions of cities. Content also considers race and social class, kinship ties, and the anthropology of urban poverty, taking examples from Western and non-Western urban cultures.

Asian-American Literature

A rotating topics course tracing the emergence and development of Asian American Literature. Course examines the artistic contributions of Asian American authors, and how they have explored issues of concern to Asian Americans. Topics may include Survey of Asian American Literature, Asian American Fiction, Asian American Theatre and Film, or others. Authors studied may include Maxine Hong Kingston, John Okada, Lan Samantha Chang, Philip Kan Gotanda, David Henry Hwang, and Diana Son.

Poetry Workshop: Advanced

Students are encouraged to write poetry of the very highest quality. Workshop format makes use of in-class writing exercises and discussions of student work. Students become familiar with a wide range of models and formal strategies.

Undergraduate Thesis Development Seminar

Capstone course for Poetry majors focuses on the writing, revisions, and compilation of a chapbook-length poetry manuscript suitable for publication or submission for a graduate school application.

Literary Magazine Production: Columbia Poetry Review

Course teaches students basic principles of magazine production. Students act as editors and assistants for the poetry annual Columbia Poetry Review, learning the fundamentals of editorial selection, copyediting, proofreading, design, production, and distribution.

This is my next-to-last semester at Columbia College. As expected, it’s very poetry-heavy. I almost have a BA!


About abi nighthill

Abi has a BA in Poetry from Columbia College Chicago.
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