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Juxtaposed Erasures

(x-Posted in the Columbia Poetry Review blog) Janet Holmes, author of The Ms of My Kin recently visited Columbia College to read at the Spring poetry reading series. I had the opportunity to ask her some questions about her book. I … Continue reading

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Wireside Chat

On Febuary 25th the Open Video Alliance will be hosting a wireside chat with Creative Commons founding board member Lawrence Lessig to discuss copyright, fair use, and online video. While the talk itself will be taking place at the Berkman … Continue reading

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All of (Us)

Magnetism makes (al)l of us wander, collect alba weeds—will we rest here? The l(ak)e is inviting, the earthquakes are not. We’ll build a pl(az)a in La Paz. Sh(ar)e a line with six shapes. Cas(ca)des tower, rich in gold and populated … Continue reading

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