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Dickinson Also Liked Plants

I came across this article on Emily Dickinson’s obsession with flowers at The image is from the article. Check it out, she found and identified a trillium flower! Advertisements

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I was looking at some of my early poetry (think high school) just for kicks, as I’m putting together my thesis this month. MY EARLY STUFF IS SO TERRIBLE: “On Cloudseas” The sea in the sky Smiles up in my … Continue reading

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110 145 160 150 141 145 163 164 165 163

We are Hephaestus, and we have no wheels. We have heat in our bellies, that we might swallow and smelt, purify and melt the materials given to us by Hades. We pour and the melted metals, we quench and temper … Continue reading

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Check out that Environmental Studies minor. Oh yeah. Happy Earth Day, folks!

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Tree Shadows

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