Point of Information:

The representative waves its arms. It starts sentences with I move tos and points and I speak ins. The representative enjoys waving its arms, but its arms get tired. Because other representatives likes waving their arms too.

The representative writes scribbles on all lines. It scribbles on lines, and it calls people on the telephone, and it faxes things, and it scribbles, and then it faxes the lines to someone else so they can scribble on it too. The representative collects scribbles annually. It collects scribbles from strangers and it walks around with clipboards. The representative doesn’t like this part, because it is jealous that it doesn’t get to scribble on all the lines.

The representatives hold out their arms, and they spin like cogwheels. They high five each other with their gavels, and they shake shake shake their hands and show each other their teeth. The representatives like gavels, so they talk a lot.

The floor is open to discussion or debate.

About abi nighthill

Abi has a BA in Poetry from Columbia College Chicago.
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