BA in poetry, with a minor in what?!

"trillium - an ant's haven" by axiepics (released under creative commons attribution license). Click through to read axiepics' caption about this cool flower.

I’m almost done with my degree. I can finish this Fall. However, I am receiving financial aid, and I recently discovered that I must be enrolled full time  for both Fall and Spring semesters in order to keep that financial aid. This results in a situation in which it is more economical for me to do both Fall and Spring than for me to do only Fall.

I’ve been thinking about what I’ll do with this last semester. I could do fun stuff like Quantum Mechanics for Artists, or Dinosaurs and More; or stuff that compliments a degree in poetry, like bookmaking or podcasting or fiction. Or maybe I could minor in something.

So I was playing around with the advising guide to see what I might be close to minoring in. I’ve been on a bit of a “maybe I should get a second bachelor’s in environmental science, so I could write while I do research/fieldwork” kick, so after looking at things like Literature (not doable) and Professional Writing (doable, but meh), I tried on Environmental science just for fun–doubting I’d have sufficient credits for it to work out.

And it fit.

I checked out the course offerings for Fall, and sure enough, the courses are offered often and the minor is flexible enough that I could do it. I even have a little extra room if I need it. This means that I can try to satisfy that craving for science without needing to invest in a second degree. I can make myself a little more marketable, too. I’m going to talk to my adviser about this, but I’m hopeful.


About abi nighthill

Abi has a BA in Poetry from Columbia College Chicago.
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2 Responses to BA in poetry, with a minor in what?!

  1. imagesfromapoet says:

    well, ignoring this spam, let me know what science you’re taking. I love science. please let’s take science together. if you’re taking this spring too then I REALLY won’t try to push the fall. this means I can take photo instead of what I’m taking. it’s a good plan since Columbia isn’t giving me enough money to go this summer.

  2. abi stokes says:

    Spam remedied.

    I’m currently scheduled to take Intro to Ecology (section 1) and Environmental Science (section 4). Then I’ll be attending the ARG class and Craft Seminar: The Historical Poem.

    Hey, want to read a book with me? This summer, I’m reading _It’s About Time: Understanding Einstein’s Relativity_ by N. David Mermin in order to prep for a project I want to do this fall.

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