About abi nighthill

Abi has a BA in Poetry from Columbia College Chicago.
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One Response to Poseidon

  1. Thomas says:

    Good evening Abi (and sorry for the “y”” in your first name),

    You wrote perfect on the things of the oceanic world. It reminds me a 3D wood sculpture of Poseidon in the main hall at the French Naval academy – long time ago…
    So here is a piece also from Cajun country where, I hope, no more oil covering barnacles and harpoons in the time ahead of us.

    Title: Young Balzande

    You swim, you dive, you swim
    You swim, you swim, you dive
    You swim, you dive, you dive

    You dive, you dive, you swim
    You’re not from here – « Texas » you said
    You’ve got a friend – « I think » you said

    You swim with me, I dive with you, you swim
    You’re young – so baby girl
    You work at Sonic, young Balzande

    And you dive
    Dive in your inner feelings, your inner core

    Now you swim and wash
    You bath your supple skin

    Where do you swim to, young Balzande
    « I make eighty dollars a day »
    « I have a cat »

    You smile
    She beautiful

    You swim, I dive, and you swim in the Hopi pool


    Swimming into the pool,
    Diving into the plot.

    .We swim : Balsande, ceiling



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