Ten Questions About Movies

I’ve been tagged by Brendan upon reading his blog. Oh no! Now I’ve tagged YOU!

So here’s one of those annoying lists that everyone loves to fill out and loves to hate. If you’re reading this right now, I’ve TAGGED YOU, and you should fill out the list. If you can post a link in the comments back here (or a link in your own post), feel free to do so.

First movie you remember seeing

I remember many movies I watched when I was very young, but it’s tough to say which was first. Most of them were Disney animated features. The first thing that comes to mind is “The Brave Little Toaster,” because I remember crying when Toaster’s friends were taken to the dump and cubed! I think that may have been the point at which my parents decided that the end “Bambi” might be a bit too heavy for me.

I also remember really loving “The Great Mouse Detective.” Ooohhh and “The Secret of Nimh.” Pretty much anything with mice people, I guess. (Yes, I also loved “An American Tail.”)

The most important movie to you before you graduated high school

“Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.” Indiana Jones was a huge part of my childhood, especially back in the days when I “played pretend.” I had some sort of whip (or something appropriated as such), and when we went to Disneyland, my parents bought me a green Indiana Jones shirt, which was my favorite until I grew out of it. Indy was my hero.

I loved snakes though.

The movie you watched the most in college

I’ve started watching more television series, than movies. I also don’t tend to re-watch movies, just as I don’t really re-read books. I think my most-watched movie right now is “Ghost in the Shell,” which I’ve watched a few times over the past year; I really enjoyed the television series. I watched it once in my Posthumanism in Science Fiction course, and Tayler and I have watched it twice more. We still haven’t returned it to Netflix. We will probably watch it again before sending it back.

I don’t own many DVDs because I opt to use Netflix, but I plan to buy those at some point.

The movie you own a copy of, but are ashamed to admit
As I just mentioned, I don’t really own many movies. As in, I own one movie, and it’s Tayler’s.

The movie you own a copy of that other people think you should be ashamed of, but which you aren’t

Nope. I guess something similar to this media-shame might be that I watch and enjoy a moderate amount of anime. Certain things about Otaku culture really puts a lot of people off, myself included, so the entire anime genre often gets lumped into that category. Once I gave it a chance I found that there were some pretty good ones out there. One specific series I’ve heard cracks about (from anime fans and anti-fans alike): Neon Genesis Evangelion. Apparently people don’t like it for some reason. I like it. It has cool lit/myth allusions in it, along with giant robots. Problem?

The movie you’ve watched the most times
That’s a tough one. My family watched many movies when I was growing up. My sister and I used to watch lots of things together. Some common repeats were:

  • “Alice in Wonderland”
  • “The Great Mouse Detective”
  • “Beauty and the Beast”
  • “Aladdin”
  • “Hook”
  • Star Wars episodes 4-6
  • The Back to the Future trilogy
  • and already-mentioned favorites
  • The movie you used to adore but don’t hold so highly any more

    “The Matrix” was really important to me when it came out. I watched it over and over, and I remember watching the commentaries multiple times too. I was really intrigued by Science Fiction and by philosophy, and the content of “The Matrix” was something that my middle-school mind could grasp and explore.

    The movie you liked that everyone hated

    I liked “Videodrome.” It’s yet another movie that I watched in my Posthumanism in SF class. Most of the class disliked it. There were one or two other people who thought it was a really good movie. I liked it. The professor seemed surprised at the class’ negative reaction. I was surprised too. I guess people thought it was gross and weird. It was, but I don’t count that as a bad thing if it’s appropriate to the story. That’s Cronenberg for you.

    The movie that most surprised you

    “The Wind That Shakes the Barley” really got to me. I hardly ever cry at movies anymore (despite my early reactions to “The Brave Little Toaster”) and I mean almost never. “The Wind That Shakes the Barley” squeezed it out of me within 15 minutes. I was studying contemporary ethnic/nationalist conflicts in Ireland at the time, and seeing a literary representation of it on the screen really got to me. I had to pause the movie often. I managed to control myself as the movie went on, but that first bit really caught me off guard. If you feel like bawling your eyes out sometime, watch it. It’s a good movie.

    The movie that most disappointed you

    When “Matrix: Reloaded” came out, I was really excited to go see it. I was severely disappointed once I did. I did not even watch “Matrix: Revolutions.”

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