Shameless Self-Promotion & also Printers’ Ball

It has been a little while since my last substantial post. I have maybe a bazillion drafts, but those don’t really count for anything. Now, I am here to self-promote (but isn’t that what blogs are for?).

This weekend, I will not be at the Printers’ Ball. It is very sad for me, as I had a blast at the 2009 ball. I was there from start to finish, applying temporary tattoos, drinking and eating free consumables, stuffing my bag with free books, and ending the night by tipsily/loudly making stamps and other papercraft paraphernalia with some friends. I am very sad that I will not be there this year.

BUT! Do not despair, for my work will be there in my stead! Prints from the Dodekatheoid series will be for sale, as well as small <3 metallic <3 prints of “who knows if the moon’s” (my illustration of a delightful poem by e. e. cummings). These are some of the few things that will not be free, and they can be found with some other not-free things at the Shop Columbia booth.

There will also be a tiny bit of my work that is free—hidden deep within the crisp, glossy leaves of Columbia’s 2010 poetry chapbook. You will also find some lovely poems by some fabulous poets I’ve studied alongside. This chapbook is available in lots of bright pretty colors. I cut and folded many of them with the help of my coworkers. I think I spent more time assembling these things than I did writing the poem though.

To balance out my not-free merch, most everything about the Printers’ Ball, including admission, will be free. I like free things, and I’m willing to bet that you do too. You should go so that you can help absorb all the excess fun that I won’t be there to sponge up.

from [brackets mine]:


FRIDAY, JULY 30, 2010 /// 6 PM TO 11 PM

Lots of magazines. Books. Posters. Galore.
Broadsides & busy beavers. Newspapers & weeklies.
Zines. Poetry, fiction & all that. Buttons, stickers
& more. Reading & performing, or something like it.
Red carpet. Screenings, Web things & digital
writing — electrified in general; because PRINT <3 DIGITAL .
Making, inking, stamping. Getting hands dirty.
Dancing, music, DJs. Playing. All free.

+ [FREE] Beer [not nasty beer either, last year they had Lagunitas IPA and a decent porter] , food [again, not nasty but tasty] & revelry [hooray].

more info over at the Poetry Foundation.

P.S.: I love that the color hex code for bright pink is “ff00ff”. FOOF!!!

About abi nighthill

Abi has a BA in Poetry from Columbia College Chicago.
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2 Responses to Shameless Self-Promotion & also Printers’ Ball

  1. Star says:

    Sounds wonderful! Will you ever have larger prints of your artwork available?

  2. Abi says:

    Yes! Unfortunately, the 8×10 moon balloons I ordered in this run were a bit dogeared from a shipping travesty, so it’s going to be a few days before I have the replacements.

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