Fig Vodka!: part II

I promised that I would post the results when it was finished. The results are in: delicious!

I had to mess with the amount of spices as the infusion steeped. On day 3, it was extremely figgy, so I added some whole nutmeg and some more clove and coriander. By day 5, it was ready to be filtered and enjoyed. I strained it through some muslin into another bottle.

I predicted that the dried fruits would get stuck in the bottle, but I was too impatient to go out and get a jar. Next time I will use a jar that seals well and is easy to get stuff out of, then filter the end results into a bottle. It’s okay this time, the figs lost all flavor to the concoction, so I didn’t feel bad throwing out the drenched fruits.

Since neither Tayler nor I actually like vodka, I’d say this was a pretty big success for a first try. We took something we both disliked and turned it into something delicious. The project cost about $16 total. Not bad.

I haven’t figured out what to make next, but I think I’ll wait until we finish this first bottle.

About abi nighthill

Abi has a BA in Poetry from Columbia College Chicago.
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