Fall 2010 Readings

These are most of my books for the upcoming semester, which I posted about here. I’m really excited for the semester, and I’ve already read a couple of these. There are a few books that are just on that shelf for fun and support (The Sea, the two books on history that I might reference for my craft seminar and On Blue’s Waters for story time with Tayler), but it’s mostly taken up by course readings. For the record, I used a shelf twice this big last Fall. I am not sure how I read all of it. Honestly, I didn’t, but I read most of it.

I read through Blue Front as soon as it came in the mail. It is a very quick and powerful read about a series of lynchings that went down in Cairo, Illinois, 1909. Martha Collins researched the incident, and this book is a result of her immersion in the sources that recorded the history (as well as the ones that attempted to obscure it). It is a really fantastic way to write about history, and I’m excited to go over it again in class.

I started reading The Afflicted Girls, which addresses the Salem witch hunts, but I felt for some reason that I needed to take this one in small doses. It’s really great so far, but I think it takes a little more chewing than does Blue Front.

I am lost in the catacomb that is House of Leaves. I have been reading it on the train for most of the Summer. A friend of mine has been gracious (eager, even) enough to lend it to me for such a long time. There is so much to that book and I’m trying to make sure I read every word and re-read every word I’m supposed to. I am not what I once was.

I have started both Critical Play and Pervasive Games. I clearly prefer reading Pervasive Games, though I don’t know why yet. It’s really engaging and fascinating.

The night I got the Dickinson collection, I stayed up really late reading and re-reading some of the poems aloud. I am even more excited about the letters; I don’t know why I haven’t cracked that book yet though. It did come last, and it came just as I started getting really tired from being so busy at work. Soon though.

So far, the oceanography text is very clearly-written and organized. Good for an intro book. The thing that is a little bit different about this as a science text is that it only has one author. For some reason, I expect science textbooks to be authored by at least two people each and edited by someone else entirely. They showed me.

I’m still waiting on one of my books. I tried to get it from two different places, both of which later informed me that it was on backorder and I’d have to wait a few months. So I’m caving on my boycott of the school bookstore and buying just this one book from them. Oh well.

Other than missing that book, I am so ready for this semester. I am so not ready for the GRE this Saturday, but that is a different story about how I forgot to do maths and I have poor reasoning skills. I think I’ll do okay though. I’ve been studying. I can say that I am extremely confident about my verbal skills if the practice tests hold any accuracy in their evaluation of them. It might help that I’ve practiced those skills (in the context of my major) pretty intensely for the past few years, whereas I haven’t touched math in the better part of a decade. Which is a shame, since I actually enjoy math quite a bit for someone who’s so terrible at it. It makes my gaining comprehension of it feel especially gratifying.

In other news, one of my professors gave me his old office lamp. I totally geeked out about it (maybe I admire this person a bit) and it’s on my desk at home now. It is a very nice lamp. He has good taste. You can’t really tell from the photo, but the lamp is a lovely color of orange. I don’t even really like orange, but I like this lamp.

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Abi has a BA in Poetry from Columbia College Chicago.
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