How to Play Pictionary with the Internet

I recently discovered GazoPa, a similar-image search engine. The cool thing about it? You can use it to play pictionary or surrealist games with the internet!

1. Go to GazoPa.
2. Click the “Draw” tab.
3. Draw something in the MS-paint-esque image editor.
Surely the internet knows a cat when it sees one.

4. See how many pages it takes to get something similar!

page 1:

It often takes a few pages, and sometimes you have to tweak a little. You can choose to change the results by directing it to look for shape, color, facial features, etc. in the search options. You can also crop the image.

And if you don’t like MS Paint, you can upload something from a different program, or even use a photo.

You can also play charades if you have a webcam to work with.

My original snapshot:
Heh, it’ll never get this one! That banana isn’t very gun-like.

page 3:
Getting close.

page 4:

GazoPa was very convinced that I had a guitar or stringed instrument of some sort. There were many guitars. It was so sure that I was Bob Dylan.

page 5:

That’s pretty good, actually.

GazoPa has potential for Surrealist poetry, too—especially if you click on random pages or draw something really tricky. Let’s make some metaphors.

The Sun (rendered with my mad trackpad skills) is. . .

. . .the belly of a calico cat.

. . .holding a red wrench.

. . .a microbe.

There is yet another variation of the exquisite corpse to be had here:

1. Search for an image.

2. Click on one of the results to search for that image.

3. Repeat step two indefinitely.

Unfortunately once you click something like a shoe or a computer part, you’ll be stuck with those. It seems that the image database has lots of images from catalogs.

Otherwise, GazoPa is a pretty neat tool. It’s in beta right now, so you can leave feedback for them if you try it out.

About abi nighthill

Abi has a BA in Poetry from Columbia College Chicago.
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