Wikipedia Daily Challenge

My friend Charlie Williams and his friend Emma Hooper did a neat project back in August called the “Wikipedia Daily Challenge.” From their site:

Every day we hit “random” on Wikipedia. We then have 90 minutes to write and record a song about whatever article pops up. These are the results.

It sounds like a fun way to generate art. I like their results too.

When I clicked the “random article” button for myself, a moth came up. I’ve been writing about moths/butterflies all semester! Here goes anyway:

Lasioncyta frigida

as in, frigid.
wooly night, cold thing.
the physiology of insect diapause.
chilled pupa, you grow slow.

in the photo, your wings
explode from your body:
a space articulates your anatomy.

a close relative, L. wyatti: larvae in the sand
at the base of the silver burweed.


About abi nighthill

Abi has a BA in Poetry from Columbia College Chicago.
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3 Responses to Wikipedia Daily Challenge

  1. Awesome poem! You should put together a book about insects.

    • abi stokes says:

      Thanks! Have I told you about the project I’m working on? It’s investigative poetry on DARPA’s insect cyborg program. Really fun stuff, lots of insects, cyborgs, etc.

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