The Word:Type+Image show wrapped up last week. I was extremely pleased with the way Faith Wright set type for my poem, “Teeth.” She did a fantastic job conceptually, and I really appreciate it.

In other news, I finally went to a dentist after about six years of being uninsured. Six years ago, I had no cavities, just mild gingivitis. I now have thirteen cavities, one of which needed a root canal. The right side of my mouth is now all fixed up, and I’m going back to take care of the left side in a couple weeks.

When I found out I’d need fillings, I felt really anxious about it. I was apprehensive about breaking away part of my body to replace it with something else. I think I fell to the fallacious idea that an all-natural body works best. That was a total assumption; our bodies are filled with problems, and there’s nothing to guarantee that they work like they should or that they even work well.

I dealt a little better with it once I visited the American Dentistry Association’s Evidence-Based Dentistry site, which is home to research and recommendations from trustworthy authorities. It’s a site meant for dentists, but that also means that the content doesn’t condescend when describing dental procedures.

The dentist was a lot like Batman, in that he had a zillion gadgets. He even let me see all the x-rays, photographs, and the 3-d imaging of my teeth. He took a photo of the decayed tooth after it was cut open. I had no idea the inside of a tooth could look that bad. Now I’m scared of my own teeth.

About abi nighthill

Abi has a BA in Poetry from Columbia College Chicago.
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One Response to Teeth

  1. Star says:

    Love love love the picture.
    We all fall prey to the naturalistic fallacy.

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