Mailing My Own Spit

I signed up for Patients Like Me a little while back at a friend’s suggestion. I haven’t really used the site much, except to record when I stopped my ulcerative colitis treatment due to a reaction to the sulfasalazine. I’ve tried to watch my diet and keep stress low, which is working just as well if not better than my medicine was working.

So since I signed up for PLM, I got an offer from Pathway Genetics to get my genes checked out provided I complete some surveys for a study. I think they’re trying to know more about why people ask for genetic testing, and what patients do with that information.

I signed a form that read like something out of Gattaca, and completed a survey about my personal health history as well as my expectations about the testing. Today I sent my spit back to them in a vial, so I should get results back in a couple of months.

They’ll run three reports for me: one with information about my response to drugs, one with information about health conditions I may be genetically predisposed to, and one with information about what genes I could potentially pass to any offspring.

Should be pretty interesting.


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Abi has a BA in Poetry from Columbia College Chicago.
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  1. just clicked the link!

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