Encounter with a Heron

Today was lovely.

Went to a café and played a comics jam game N is working on, walked around St. John’s with A & G, then picked up my bus pass from UP.

I decided to walk from my bus stop downtown back to the Funker (getting my intake of vitamin D, and exercising my hurt leg a little), and wandered through Tanner Springs Park.

A heron was hanging out in the springs, so I stalked it for a long enough to make a few sketches. Then I filled in the space with writing (as I’ve started doing). Felt a little like G.M. Hopkins, hunting poetry out of nature. I also felt a little like David Attenborough, sneaking up on nature and hanging out with it.

Rotates its body as it walks slowly away. Keeps its head just slightly turned, watches me as it walks slowly away. Leaves me as I approached it: indirectly. When I act as if I have lost interest, it slowly returns, observes me just the same. Watches me from the back of its head as it hunts. At some point, plunges its beak into the water and comes back, stretches its neck out and swallows. It watches me still through the marsh grass. Let me walk over indirectly, sit a couple feet away.

After a good stare-down, hopped onto the path with soggy toes and slowly crossed in front of me. Tried to disappear back into the grass. Watched me. Waded back into the water. Others took notice.

The heron watches me still. As curious as I? Watches me through the grass as I leave.

I came home to find D practicing with his bluegrass band, and I ate the last of the bland falafel I made last week. Dinner and a show!

Tomorrow I meet with the Chiron Studies folks at PSU to discuss teaching a course this winter. I could either pick up my friend J’s class, Games as Literature/Text as Play, or propose and run my own course. I had thought of proposing a course on Appropriation that covers questions of authorship and intellectual property, but may instead do a Science Poetics course in the style of Columbia’s craft seminars (a hybrid of lit, poetics, and craft). I may propose both and teach whichever one makes the cut! I’ll know a little more tomorrow, I am sure.

About abi nighthill

Abi has a BA in Poetry from Columbia College Chicago.
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