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In Protest of SOPA/PIPA: A Little Friendly Vandalism

I just devised a little prank that may be used to further awareness of SOPA/PIPA. (Nevermind my er, future plans for this). 1. Upload several plain black images to Facebook. 2. Tag ’em. Any tagged friends-except those with (understandably) high … Continue reading

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Our ordinary Measures / Of Distance – fail us –

Today is Carl Sagan day, so I’ve arranged a few of his words in a way that echoes Dickinson. Continue reading

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Manifest: Poetry & Nonfiction Student Showcase

Those hors d’oeuvres are no joke. Delicious. Continue reading

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Maple Bacon Rum

Bacon + Rum = Yes Continue reading

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I keep thinking about how plants are like brains

and it’s fascinating. the way a plant processes and transports energy through xylem and phloem sweet, the way it dances to catch the light, the purposes of its parts. Even the form of many plants matches that of a neuron. … Continue reading

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Wikipedia Daily Challenge

My friend Charlie Williams and his friend Emma Hooper did a neat project back in August called the “Wikipedia Daily Challenge.” From their site: Every day we hit “random” on Wikipedia. We then have 90 minutes to write and record … Continue reading

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How to Play Pictionary with the Internet

I recently discovered GazoPa, a similar-image search engine. The cool thing about it? You can use it to play pictionary or surrealist games with the internet! 1. Go to GazoPa. 2. Click the “Draw” tab. 3. Draw something in the … Continue reading

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