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My life is probably more interesting to you than it is to me.

Big Changes

This post is deeply personal and long overdue. News for many dear friends of mine who for whatever reason I haven’t had a chance to catch up with in a while. What brings on this occasion? Nothing in particular, maybe … Continue reading

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Encounter with a Heron

Today was lovely. Went to a café and played a comics jam game N is working on, walked around St. John’s with A & G, then picked up my bus pass from UP. I decided to walk from my bus … Continue reading

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Mailing My Own Spit

I signed up for Patients Like Me a little while back at a friend’s suggestion. I haven’t really used the site much, except to record when I stopped my ulcerative colitis treatment due to a reaction to the sulfasalazine. I’ve … Continue reading

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In Protest of SOPA/PIPA: A Little Friendly Vandalism

I just devised a little prank that may be used to further awareness of SOPA/PIPA. (Nevermind my er, future plans for this). 1. Upload several plain black images to Facebook. 2. Tag ’em. Any tagged friends-except those with (understandably) high … Continue reading

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The Word:Type+Image show wrapped up last week. I was extremely pleased with the way Faith Wright set type for my poem, “Teeth.” She did a fantastic job conceptually, and I really appreciate it. In other news, I finally went to … Continue reading

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I keep thinking about how plants are like brains

and it’s fascinating. the way a plant processes and transports energy through xylem and phloem sweet, the way it dances to catch the light, the purposes of its parts. Even the form of many plants matches that of a neuron. … Continue reading

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Fall 2010 Readings

These are most of my books for the upcoming semester, which I posted about here. I’m really excited for the semester, and I’ve already read a couple of these. There are a few books that are just on that shelf for fun and support (The Sea, the two books on history that I might reference for my craft seminar and On Blue’s Waters for story time with Tayler), but it’s mostly taken up by course readings. For the record, I used a shelf twice this big last Fall. I am not sure how I read all of it. Honestly, I didn’t, but I read most of it. Continue reading

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