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Word5 Exhibit

Another one of my poems is going to be shown at the word: type + image exhibit. The typography class this year really stepped it up. As I leave work, I spy into the gallery. I haven’t seen the treatment … Continue reading

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The Fun Theory

Can you imagine looking forward to recycling your cans or waiting for a stoplight?

An initiative of Volkswagen, The Fun Theory was a contest that challenged designers to make it fun to do good things. Continue reading

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Shameless Self-Promotion & also Printers’ Ball

This weekend, I will not be at the Printers’ Ball. It is very sad for me, as I had a blast at the 2009 ball. I was there from start to finish, applying temporary tattoos, drinking and eating free consumables, stuffing my bag with free books, and ending the night by tipsily/loudly making stamps and other papercraft paraphernelia with some friends. I am very sad that I will not be there this year.

BUT! Do not despair, for my work will be there in my stead! Continue reading

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That We May Not Fall Away Into the Childish Love of Her Which Captivates the Many

So I’ve been hearing about Obama’s bemoaning of new media & tech today. It made me think of Plato’s bemoaning of poetry and other imitative arts. Continue reading

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Wireside Chat

On Febuary 25th the Open Video Alliance will be hosting a wireside chat with Creative Commons founding board member Lawrence Lessig to discuss copyright, fair use, and online video. While the talk itself will be taking place at the Berkman … Continue reading

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Little Big Planet U

Some really big organizations like HASTAC and the MacArthur Foundation are holding the 2010 Digital Media and Learning Competition, Game Changers; they’re encouraging designers to create levels that engage players in learning science, tech, engineering, and math. As a part … Continue reading

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Baby Whale

There’s a new baby beluga in the Shedd! Click through the picture for an article.

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