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Helen Mirren Picks Out My Clothes

Helen Mirren Picks Out My Clothes. Andrew Terhune.  Greying Ghost Press, 2009. I’ll be honest, when I heard that Andrew Terhune was publishing his third chapbook, I got really excited. His slick sense of humor comes through well, but still … Continue reading

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Juxtaposed Erasures

(x-Posted in the Columbia Poetry Review blog) Janet Holmes, author of The Ms of My Kin recently visited Columbia College to read at the Spring poetry reading series. I had the opportunity to ask her some questions about her book. I … Continue reading

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PixelJunk Shooter

(Apologies for the funky crop–someday when I decide to do my own CSS, I’ll make youtube videos fit.) Recently, Tayler and I have been playing Shooter, a fun little video game from Q-games. I’ve really enjoyed the PixelJunk style in … Continue reading

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